No matter how high the tides are. Hold on to your sails. You'll float through if YOU want to.


  1. This reminds me of a picture in our textbook.. The painter had a magic brush. :)

  2. the mon seems far away yet the waves seem enlightned.
    deep or depth? girl u have insight.
    though u have labelled it survivor I can see the storm not hope!
    my perception....not a judgement.
    Priya /ginny

  3. the person is in white color, means a pure soul. he has d strength to survive d coming storm.
    n yeah d moon is doing 2 jobs, givina push to d waves n a hopeful light to d sailor.

  4. I hope you realise your brush style and colour usage vividly resembles that of van Gogh's work. I see an artist in the making. :) Too bad you will not be recognised in your time. LOL! :P

  5. wow thats a major compliment. thanks :)


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